Cot Dammit Elizabeth song

Cot Dammit Elizabeth Song Released!

I'm excited to announce the release of my latest song/music video entitled Cot Dammit Elizabeth. It's kinda funny how this all came together; as most of you know this is not my usual style, but I felt this genre best suit the situation.

I met Ekow Fynn (a famous facebook comedian) at District nightclub in downtown Kitchener. Since I've always been a fan of his funny "Cot Dammit Elizabeth" videos, I got inspired to create this song and felt that a humorous rap style would go great.

After I finished the song, I sent it to him to make sure he liked it. I wouldn't of wanted to release something inspired by his brand, that he didn't think was awesome. After a quick Instagram dm, he listened to it and had a really positive response! To stream the song on Spotify/Apple Music press here.

So now I had the song, but in order to really bring this idea to life I wanted to create a fun video. I got together with some friends, taught them a simple dance move I had created a few hours before (called "The Jonaloo" lol) and started dancing all over Wilfred Laurier University / the University of Waterloo. We went to the library, cafeteria, in-front of Phil's Grandson's Place (A famous local bar) and all over the place getting reactions. The entire experience was really fun and the students where extremely supportive!

Hope you enjoy the video and if you like it make sure to Subscribe. Cheers!

All the best,