Are You Serious?

Sending thoughts of love, hope, and peace to Brussels and Pakistan.

It's insane how many tragedies we've been having recently, but it is important to realize that we should not let these horrible events guide us towards hate and fear. The only way to truly win and overcome is through LOVE and understanding. There's good people and bad people in every religion, race, and ethnicity, so we have no right to overgeneralize. I know this can be hard especially when our news and media was designed to create fear for better ratings. 

Instead of being numb and letting your fear manifest by what you have seen, reflect and through your words and actions always try to shine a positive light. That's the most important change you could make, since criticism and negativity can only lead to other hateful acts.

I haven't spoken out yet because I felt a responsibility to create a song that addresses the overlying issue in not just these two tragedies, but in all the recent hateful events we have been witnessing lately.