Photoshoot With Adam

Alright, so last week I had a photo session with my good friend Adam, he's an awesome photographer!

The first spot we went to was in this awesome rustic den, hidden within an outdoor shopping center. I loved the look of that place.

 It was actually pretty funny, for the second spot we went to this barn late at night to try to get some shots (literally looked like a scene from the Walking Dead lol) and while walking we hear this weird noise... We both looked up at the same time and noticed we set off some sort of motion sensor alarm, so we ran outta there quick! We weren't able to get those shots, but improvised and found another barn aha. 

It started getting pretty cold, and we were a bit far from were we lived, so we decided to head back and go for some burgers/beer. Overall it was a productive Friday!

Check out the shots below

If you want to see more of Adam's work, check his photos out on Facebook here: Adam Malthaner Photography, he has years of experience shooting everything from formal weddings, to sport cars and everything in-between.