Starting My Next Project!


I'm so excited to let you know that I'm starting to work on EP number 2!

I've already began the writing process and now I'm just trying to group the right songs together. It is always really important for me that in each project the songs share a similar feeling, its really hard sometimes though because I have so many songs to choose from, but slowly it is starting to come together.

Once the writing is all finished then I'll begin the recording process. My hope is to be able to keep creating covers/vlogs and other content for my youtube channel, while working on this project at the same time.

I live for creating!

There is no better feeling for me then making something that was not there before, and releasing it out to the world. I'm so grateful for anyone who has watched/supported me along this journey. I'm still really far from my goal but day by day I feel myself getting closer, and I truly love what I'm doing.

I'll keep you updated on my email list! :)

Much Love,