Starting My Next Project!


I'm so excited to let you know that I'm starting to work on EP number 2!

I've already began the writing process and now I'm just trying to group the right songs together. It is always really important for me that in each project the songs share a similar feeling, its really hard sometimes though because I have so many songs to choose from, but slowly it is starting to come together.

Once the writing is all finished then I'll begin the recording process. My hope is to be able to keep creating covers/vlogs and other content for my youtube channel, while working on this project at the same time.

I live for creating!

There is no better feeling for me then making something that was not there before, and releasing it out to the world. I'm so grateful for anyone who has watched/supported me along this journey. I'm still really far from my goal but day by day I feel myself getting closer, and I truly love what I'm doing.

I'll keep you updated on my email list! :)

Much Love,


Are You Serious?

Sending thoughts of love, hope, and peace to Brussels and Pakistan.

It's insane how many tragedies we've been having recently, but it is important to realize that we should not let these horrible events guide us towards hate and fear. The only way to truly win and overcome is through LOVE and understanding. There's good people and bad people in every religion, race, and ethnicity, so we have no right to overgeneralize. I know this can be hard especially when our news and media was designed to create fear for better ratings. 

Instead of being numb and letting your fear manifest by what you have seen, reflect and through your words and actions always try to shine a positive light. That's the most important change you could make, since criticism and negativity can only lead to other hateful acts.

I haven't spoken out yet because I felt a responsibility to create a song that addresses the overlying issue in not just these two tragedies, but in all the recent hateful events we have been witnessing lately.

Holidays Are Done. Now What...


Hope everyone had an awesome break/new year! The hard part though is starting up again aha.

I know I've recently fallen a bit behind on my one cover a week goal cause of the holidays, but it wasn't only that; I got crazy sick and I'm still not 100% causing me to be a bit out of it (The insane snowy weather doesn't help lol). It's hard to go back to real life after going away to a warm place (Guatemala) adventuring with family and friends.


I know a lot of you can feel where i'm coming from. However I got a plan to stay active with ya'll throughout my sickness and upcoming travels. I feel a lot of people still haven't heard my EP I Can't Wait, so each week I'll be picking a random song off the EP and posting it to Facebook.  I still don't have any music videos YET, but by doing this I'll be able to hear from all of you, to see which song should have a video first (The best way to let me know is by private messaging me on fb).

Also just cause the covers are slowing down for the time being, I'm having some fun with snapchat, so if you want to get "a look into my life" add me

Snapchat Username: officialjony

It'll be cool to connect with you.

Besides that, I'm okay... Just re adjusting for the new year, trying to set some goals and most of all creating new ideas for covers, originals, videos and all that. I'm pretty stoked on the future and if you're reading this I appreciate you supporting me throughout these early stages. I don't know what i'm doing, but I guess thats kind of the beauty of it aha.

All the best,




PS I might be working on a vlog of my trip to Guatemala, so stay tuned. :)


Here's Where I'm at...


It's Jony.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the EP. Yesterday, I went to visit Joao in Toronto for mastering. I had an awesome time. The room sounded like it was sculpted by cute little baby angels! If it were up to me, I'd get everyone to hear it there but, whateva.

I decided to make this EP entirely on my own, because I wanted to push myself to become a better producer/recording artist. So this is a bedroom made album, but I tried to make it the best I could with the resources I had. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to save up a little to get it mastered in a more professional venue, in order to learn more and get that extra experience.

I'm so stoked for everyone to hear it, and I Can't Wait till I start working on my next project to further my progression as an artist and producer. Also, I just finished sending in some minor changes for the final master, so it will be released soon. If you want the exclusive, sign up to the mailing list. Cheers!

Wait I Almost forgot to tell you...

I'm heading to New York City tomorrow for a little adventuring. If you want to see what kind of drunken city-life non-sense I get into, follow me on:

SNAPCHAT: @officialjony

That's all for now... Cheers!